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Men’s Ministry

Welcome to our Men’s Ministry at Bethel Baptist Church, where our vision is to nurture and empower courageous men to embrace their God-given calling as leaders in their homes, the church, workplaces, and the broader world.  Calling all men to make disciples of Jesus.

Men's prayer
Men's bible study

Our primary approach involves regular bi-weekly small group  pointing one another to the gospel through God’s Word. These sessions serve as a foundation for encouraging one another to live out our faith amidst life’s challenges, within our families, and in our workplaces.  Although both men and women meet in small groups, in small groups it’s an opportunity for relationships within the church to form, and often people find their closest spiritual friends and brothers.

The Men’s Ministry organizes bi-monthly “Coffee and Theology Discussions”—typically, Saturday morning breakfasts designed for fellowship. During these gatherings, we engage in discussions centered on God’s Word, we study his word about who God is and who Jesus claims to be, and we attempt to address common issues faced by men. Our aim is to support and uplift one another through sharpening one another by studying God’s word, praying, sharing burdens, and often through the encouragement of friendship and brotherly camaraderie. We also extend an invitation for men to bring their children or grandchildren, allowing us to impart Christian values to the next generation.

Separately, Pastor Marty leads a monthly Bible study specifically tailored for young men. This study is designed to foster spiritual growth, equipping these individuals to become leaders within their homes, the church, and the community.

Rather than creating lots of separate programs, we encourage men to actively participate in various broader ministries within Bethel. This involvement includes engagement in small groups, where we sometimes break off for separate prayer, service opportunities, and more.

Additionally, we organize quarterly gatherings at local restaurants, such as Conrads in Liberty, Missouri, to provide an opportunity for face-to-face interactions, fostering camaraderie and mutual encouragement.

If you have specific questions about our various Men’s ministries, please click the contact button at the top right, send us a note, and let us know you would like to know more.  We will get back to you right away!