What we Believe

Bethel Baptist Church

What we Believe

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We are a Reformed, Elder-led, Congregational, Baptist Church. If you have no idea what that means: don’t worry. We’d love to meet you and explain more about who we are.

We love God. We love to talk about the great news that His son, Jesus Christ died for sinners. We are passionate about learning His Word, the Bible. We strive to live as followers of Jesus.

Historically, followers of Christ have summarized their beliefs about the core teachings of the Bible into “Creeds” or “Statements of Faith.”

To better understand what we believe, see the Baptist Faith and Message and the New Hampshire Confession.

If you are interested in understanding more deeply our church government, this is our Bethel Church Covenant and our Constitution. When you become a member here this is what you are agreeing to, both with our Lord and with the people of the congregation.